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A Legacy of Love

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Gemstones & Diamonds

Continuing a unique legacy of over 400 years, Swayta Sha's 

love for creating jewellery

traces back to her 16th century 

ancestors - Jewellers to the Nizams of Hyderabad. 


With it's distinctive quality

and refined detail, SwaytaSha 

jewellery embodies a passion inherent to this beautifully radiant brand. 

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18ct Gold Chain with Blue and Lemon Yellow Topaz


Meet SwaytaSha

Swayta Sha has grown to be the embodiment of this evolved brand. Inspired and motivated by a love for life and celebration of women that is felt at the heart of every collection. 


Swayta takes great pride in designing every unique piece of jewellery, encapsulating the timeless beauty and feminine 

essence within each and every woman she designs for.

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SwaytaSha's newest collection is a festive delight. Blissfully soft

pastel gemstones & sparkling

diamonds - as always -inlaid in the highest of quality silver and gold. Stand out this season.

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18ct Ruby Hearts Chain

Pink Opal Ring

A Legacy

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