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The Designer

"Swayta Sha is a true embodiment of the woman of today - bold, beautiful and ambitious."

Pink Tourmaline Necklace

For the Women
of Today

Coming from a family of jewellers to the Nizams of Hyderabad, Swayta grew up surrounded by the love for the art of jewellery making. The royal rulers owned the largest priceless jewellery collection in India and always nurtured their lineage. 


Her father, Madanmohan Dwarkadas has been in the business for almost sixty years. His exemplary work has been showcased internationally - especially in the United States. It was her father who inspired and imbibed in her the culture of jewellery-making, in line with her esteemed ancestry.

After earning a Masters degree in Business Administration and work experience as a professional banker, Swayta relocated to Bahrain with her husband in 2002. 



Her strength and conviction towards her passion for Jewellery inspired her to introduce a new line of Jewellery by the brand name ‘Swayta Sha.’  

Today the brand ‘Swayta Sha’ is associated with the prestigious ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’, the finest American chain of luxury department stores spread across the globe.

Swayta’s designs are for the woman of today. Her pieces depict strength of character and womanhood. She says:

“The jewellery you wear plays a huge role in reflecting your personality. Every woman should be able to look at herself in the mirror and be appreciative of what

she sees and who she has become." 


Starting her own brand with these ideals in mind has been an exhilarating experience for Swayta. She derives her strength from the support of her loving family and wonderful friends, she has made in Bahrain.


Her latest collections have been extremely well-received in Bahrain. She expresses her sense of elation whenever a customer compliments her on the quality of her pieces.  After all ‘quality’ and ‘trust’ are the very foundation of her existence and that of brand ‘Swayta Sha.’

~Thank you~

"The journey of establishing my brand in Bahrain has been a star studded one. I have had the good fortune of associating with Eileen and Rana and will always be thankful to them for providing an amazing platform in their store to showcase my collections for the very first time in 2017, here in Bahrain.


And a huge thank you to my Brand Designer Ken - who envisioned and actually gave this brand the identity it holds today and to the entire team who helped me always.


Huge thanks to my family and friends and to Louise, my Web Designer and dear friend Tina, who have constantly given unconditional support and confidence to help me achieve my goals."

- Swayta Sha

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