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The Renowned Legend Madan Mohan Sha
(My wonderful father)



"The roots of the Bhagwandas family trace back to the Golden era of the Mughal Dynasty"

Multi-coloured Stones Chain

Old Indian Drawing


Nizam jewellery dating back to the old era

The roots of the Bhagwandas family trace back to the Golden era of the Mughal Dynasty that ruled India from early 16th 

century to mid 18th century. Back then, an Indian family of Jewellers from Morera, Gujarat drew attention of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. 


The main occupation of this, the Bhagwandas family was jewellery, banking and business. They were looked upon with utmost trust and respect for their valuable expertise in matters of Jewellery and Finance. 


Raja Bhagwandas was the eldest son of Raja Haridas who accompanied Nizam-ul- Mulk Asaf Jah I to Hyderabad in the early eighteenth century. The Nizam’s patronised the family and gave Raja Bhagwandas the title ‘Raja Bahadur’ for his exceptional works and achievements. 


In the 20th century the mantle of the family business was passed from Mukundas Bhagwandas to his eldest son, Dwarkadas Mukundas and later to Madan Mohan Dwarkadas who carried on the legacy of Jewellery making into post independent India.

The age old heritage of the family only strengthened with time, passing the expertise down over generations; adding newer techniques and successfully reforming designs to cater to the globally evolving markets.  



The new millennium witnessed a progressive change, when the grand-daughter of Dwarkadas Mukundas, Swayta Sha singlehandedly took over the reigns of the lineage onto her shoulders.


To carry forward the Legacy of her family, she went on to establish an exquisite line of new age jewellery — under the brand name ‘Swayta Sha’.

National Museum in New Delhi, Source: Telegraph India

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